If you’ve always wanted to know more about Lord of the Rings – or Middle Earth in general – but you’re not prepared to crack open a book (especially one as impenetrable as The Silmarillion) and do a bit of homework, well then you’ve got to look no further than Lord of the Rings Online.

Signum University (an online teach-y place) will be hosting regular lessons in all things Lord of the Rings in Middle Earth itself (Lord of the Rings Online that is.) In it, Dr. Corey Olsen will spend about an hour and a half going through Lord of the Rings chapter by chapter, exploring characters, and themes – and all that good stuff.

January 3rd was the first lesson, so this news is coming just a day late, but the class will rotate to other servers as time goes on, and there’s an archive of the first class on twitch. The developers went as far as to create a Lore Hall area specifically for these lessons, but those haven’t quite been patched in yet. So this first lesson transpires of the dirty streets of Bree.

Check out the official announcement for more information.

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