For those not familiar, the Community Hub it’s kinda like a wiki, where you can create and submit content online… you should try it. Submit guides and share your experiences with the community or share your greatest gaming moments and scores. You can create or submit content from any Community Hub. Simply navigate to the Community Hub for any game and click on the “Submit” link in that page.

Getting started

1. Add images, screenshots, videos, and text.
Insert text, upload images, insert YouTube videos, and format your text to whatever suits your content best.

2. Pick the right Category
Share your greatest gaming moments and scores in the “Wall of Fame” category, create a guide in the guides category, share tips and tricks, etc. Picking the right category is crucial.

3. Publish to the world
Once you’ve finished creating your post, publish to make it instantly available to anyone in the FreeMMOGamer Community.