Magically-infused shooter, Line of Sight, has now been re-released on Steam as a free-to-play game.

Blackspot is quite forthright in their F2P launch announcement to admit that, perhaps, their game isn’t all-that. But they seem quite committed to the game and are looking forward to continued work on it to help to become all it can be.

We know Line of Sight wasn’t perfect and we worked really hard to listen to the community to improve the game. Without our supporters help, it would’ve been very difficult, if not, impossible to release the game.

We are still far from perfect right now either, but if you take a look what we did in the past, you can probably believe that we will continue to improve the game with the same dedication. But to improve faster pace, we ask you to continue to support us. Your kind supports and encouragements mean a lot to us, more so than the profits.

They’ve got heart. I’ll give ’em that.

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