Lineage Eternal is sure starting to live up to its name. First announced in November 2011, the game has seen numerous delays over the years, and here we are six years later, and the game has been slapped with yet another.

This time, it’s to switch game engines. According to Steparu, the game was previously using the Guild Wars engine, although it’s unclear whether that means Guild Wars 1 or Guild Wars 2. Considering the game’s age, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was using a version of the engine dating back to Guild Wars 1. NCSoft is doing away with that, though, and transitioning the game over to Unreal Engine 4, an engine that excels at making graphics look darn spiffy.

In other news, NCSoft is still working up its mobile catalog, including what seems to be a Guild Wars 2 mobile game of sorts. You can read that full Steparu article for a few more details.

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