Update 20 for Lord of the Rings Online hit the servers this week this week.

Remember that scene in Return of the King where the armies of man are creeping up on the gates of Mordor and the Mouth of Sauron comes out and pleads a case for proper dental care? Aragorn is there. Frodo is somewhere sneaking about. What Peter Jackson didn’t show, or Tolkien for that matter, is that you were there, too, with your Razer headset, and your Twitch t-shirt, hooping and hollering in the background and making a general fool of yourself.

That’s right, Update 20, dubbed Battle of the Black Gate, allows you to experience that fateful moment of the trilogy, as well as the 100+ quests that lead up to it, which Aragorn did off-screen. The patch also includes a couple new instances and some new store items. You can preview those right over here.

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