SmileGate’s upcoming ARPG, Lost Ark, held a conference over the weekend. In addition to showing off a lengthy (and quite impressive), 8-minute trailer, the developer also had a few things to say about the game’s business model.

To put it shortly, SmileGate will be avoiding making the game Pay-2-Win, and even they feel that there have been far too many of those games lately.

The full translation, courtesy of 2p, goes something like this:

Since the 2014 G-STAR, the subscription model was what we heard the most from the users, but we are afraid to say that it will be difficult for us. We are planning to choose a micro-transaction model. Many users wanted the subscription model, but we saw the reason for that was that they were sick of the P2W model of some games. There are many employees in our team, who love the RPG game genre, so we are very aware of this problem. We are not going to choose this kind of micro-transactions. We will make a proper BM, so the players will be able to enjoy our game. We don’t want to disappoint them either. I just want the users to know that we are trying very hard.

It’s not conclusive at this point that Lost Ark will truly be free-to-play, but it seems likely that there’ll be a cash shop either way.

Let’s just hope that whatever SmileGate chooses, that it’s fair and draws players to the game instead of scaring them off.

Do check out the Closed Beta Test trailer below, though.

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