Jandisoft’s HTML5-based browser MMORPG, Mad World, will not only be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices (as well as maybe consoles sometime in the slightly-more-distant future) but the game will also be on Steam this fall.

No matter which platform you play on, the game will be crossplay. So you can play on Steam while your friend is stuck in class pretending to study while he plays on his cellphone.

Jandisoft has this to say about the game:

Mad World stays true to classic MMORPGs we’ve come to love, but experiments with what hasn’t been done.  Fight along side your friends to take down formidable enemies, or fight against your friends to test your skills.  Explore the land full of grotesque creatures, loot, farm, mine and more.  It’s ok to be mad in this world…

Check out the game’s trailer below.


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