Despite garnering some relative success through Steam (with an average of 3,200 players in the last 30 days), Wizards of the Coast have decided to pull the plug on Magic Duels, the free-to-play digital incarnation of Magic: The Gathering.

The news comes out of an otherwise pleasant sounding update from Wizard’s on Magic’s Digital Next (coined MDN). They bring up Cryptic’s forthcoming MMO, as well as Magic Online (which is 15 years strong.)

But amongst that, they announced that in order to make room for all the upcoming Magic Digital content, they’d have to close up shop on Magic Duels. Amonkhet will be the last expansion released for the game, and that Hour of Devastation won’t be brought to the game.

They make no mention of shutting down the servers, just that they’ll no longer be making new content for it.

You can read the full announcement here.


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