Perhaps that headline makes it sound a bit more sinister than it actually is. This is the good kind of overridden.

Nexon announced this week that a pair of updates are headed to MapleStory this summer. Dubbed “Override: Evolve” and “Override: Venture,” they’re expected to roll out later this month, on the 21st, and in July.

Evolve will focus on evolving the 5th job advancement by granting more powerful skills. Also new, the Legion System will allow Legion Masters access to the Synergy Grid, which will grant bonuses based on a player’s rank.

Moving on to July, the Venture side of Override. Players will be able to venture forth to planet Eluna, and help the burgeoning colony there. MIne minerals the good old fashioned way to help the colony, or hunt monsters and get it that way, too. Completing missions and other activities will also grant minerals. Venture will also add a new area, Arcana, where a spirit tree is dying. Help the tree, get an Arcane symbol. Simple as that.

Check out the official MapleStory site for more information.

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