Dust off your controllers, ye heroes, Gazillion’s action RPG, Marvel Heroes, is console-bound, first to the PS4 and the Xbox One. With the launch comes another rebranding of the game, Marvel Heroes Omega.

Marvel Heroes Omega will feature every update and improvement crammed into the game since it first launched in 2013, but Gazillion assures PC players that support for that platform won’t be ending anytime soon. There are just more players (and as such, support) coming to the game. Although, because of the difference between the consoles and PC, cross-play won’t be available. Nor will PC players be able to transfer their accounts between platforms. Where you are is where you’ll stay.

As for a beta? There will be one of those, too, and you can read an FAQ for more information.

The console launch will feature 38 heroes, and much of the game’s content, but not all. Marvel Heroes Omega is launching without all the content because Gazillion wants to ensure that everyone has an excellent experience.

You can buy a founder’s pack through the through Playstation store for access as soon as the beta begins, and the Xbox One version is launching a little later.

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