Gazillion Entertainment announced yesterday that Marvel Heroes is now out in South Korea.

Do you know what this means? Now South Koreans can see what it’s like to mix their love of all things Marvel with their love of clicking their mouse many many many times a minute. Just think of all those actions.

Though the game is now out and playable, this only marks the beginning for Marvel Heroes’s Korean localization. What more, expect the game to launch in other Asian territories in the months to come.

The release comes from a partnership between Gazillion and Ubitus Inc., a worldwide leader for interactive cloud technologies and streaming game services.

Gazillion CEO, David Dohrmann, had this to say about the venture:

As Marvel characters continue to gain popularity in Asia thanks to Marvel’s own efforts, millions of new fans are craving great games to play starring iconic characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Deadpool. Gazillion and Ubitus are excitedly there to answer that need with Marvel Heroes 2016, which itself only continues to improve as time goes on.

That last part is so true, too. Marvel Heroes was barely a game when it first launched in 2013, but it’s made some great strides in those three years. Almost enough to make me feel better about the amount of hours I’ve dumped into it.

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