Mephisto is making the journey all the way from his throne in Act 3 of Diablo 2 to the Nexus. At Gamescom this week, Blizzard revealed that Mephy-boi – as he’s known in certain circles – will be the next hero (or in this case – villain) to come to Heroes of the Storm.

Anyone who’s ever gone up against Mephisto in Diablo 2 will have some familiarity with this assassin’s kit. He can shoot skull missiles at anyone who crosses he path, teleport and leave behind a shade, and of course, he has lightning – this time in the form of a nova.

One of his heroic abilities – Durance of Hate – is a nice callback to those olden days. Durance of Hate will root the first enemy it hits, dealing damage, and then it’ll spread to anyone else in the vicinity.

His other ability – Consume Souls – reveals all heroes, then nukes the bejesus out of them, and slows them briefly.

Check out Mephito’s official profile for more details on all his abilities.

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