The fantasy-based multiplayer shooter, Mirage: Arcane Warfare, is free for the next 24 hours. And if that name seems vaguely familiar, then that’s no coincidence. Developer Torn Banner came to prominence a few years back with their other game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. This game just hasn’t done as well for them, so they’re fanning the player base with this free event.

Free, you may ask, as in, temporarily, like a free weekend? Nope. Add the game to your account, and it’s free until the end of time, or Steam, whichever comes first, and you miss out on that, Torn Banner will be permanently reducing the price of the game to $9.99, and for an extra $9.99, you can upgrade to a special edition of the game that includes Chivalry.

This comes just a week after the game’s 4th patch, which does its best to add a bit of spit and polish to the game.

Check out the official announcement, and you have until 10AM PST tomorrow to take advantage of this promotion.


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