Guardians of Atlas has been revealed. Better yet, you can download it and check it out right now if you so desire. Or at least, you can check out the alpha.

The describes itself as a cross between the traditional RTS, and MOBAS, which have all but replaced traditional RTS games. Select a hero and a faction, build an army, and then duke it out.

The developers have a introduction up on Youtube that serves as a pretty decent primer for anyone interested in the game. That video’s imbedded below. Also worth noting is that popular Streamer Day[9] was, at one point, attached to the project in some way, shape, or form, but he’s since left it.

As someone who cut their teeth with strategy games in his youth, the prospect of a new one also excites me. Guardians of Atlas seems pretty barebones at the moment, though, but it is alpha. Give it a few months (years), and who knows.




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