My.Com announced a new game today, Cloud Pirates, a steampunk-infused MMO focused on airship battles. Take to the skies and fire the cannons, blow up your enemies, and form squadron of friends to do it in true style. Or something along those lines at least.

The game comes the Russian team Allods, the developers behind, you guessed it, Allods Online. If they hadn’t gone and made Skyforge next, I would’ve expected them to call this game Allods Pirates, but that is evidently not the case. Probably for the best.

For a closer look at the game, there’s a short trailer, too.

At a glance, it reminds me of Guns of Icarus Online, but Cloud Pirates doesn’t appear to feature multiple crew for a single airship. You pilot and outfit your own ship, and then seemingly group with other players in order to rain havoc from above. It also features voice comms only slightly more believable than the ones in Ubisoft trailers.

And if you want, you can sign up for the beta for Cloud Pirates.

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