Nobody likes to go up against premade groups when solo-queuing PvP in any game. You lose so quickly, and so painfully, that it leaves you traumatized for years to come. You’ll seek therapy, but that won’t help. Nothing will.

Evidently, this has gotten so bad in Neverwinter that Cryptic Studios is going to try doing something about it starting with a limited, 7-day long solo-queue event for level 70 players.

To curtail the issue of premade malaise, during this event, people queuing solo will only go up against other players solo queuing. The event is intended to help gather plenty of data for Cryptic Studios to decide what to do next. Maybe make such a mode, where solo players only go up against solo players, a permanent addition to Neverwinter, but perhaps we’re asking too much. I suppose it could also show that one team will just as often steamroll another, regardless of whether anyone in the match is also in a group.

You can read more about the event over at the main Neverwinter site.

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