Neverwinter has ran on one of the most interesting content creation models of any free to play MMORPG’s available, in fact, really any MMO. Along with regular and sizable content additions and updates from Cryptic Studios, the game implements the ability for the players themselves to create significant content, including most notably strings of quests and deep storied strings of tasks.

This game model has allowed for the free to play dungeons and dragons game to stay fresh in the minds of its players always, with something new to do always being just around the corner. Even with this, however, Cryptic brings a huge new piece of content announced and expected for August this year. Storm King’s Thunder.

This update will bring three new zones, and many quests to accompany them. As well, the game will be undergoing large balance updates and changes, focusing mainly on the durability and survivability of the Scourge Warlock following huge changes to the life drain system they had heavily relied on before.

This new update bodes well for the community, and shows that Cryptic is one of the best developers out when it comes to free to play MMO’s allowing for the players to mold the universe around them like few can, and continuing to support the playerbase with new unique and well implemented content. Storm King’s Thunder looks to continue this positive trend.

If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and haven’t tried this game, I sincerely recommend it. Get in character, and you won’t regret it.

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