ASTA has been one of the most attention drawing MMORPG’s in recent years, being heralded even as an equivalent to World of Warcraft. ASTA continues putting out more content to drive home it’s popularity and esteem, this time hitting many different areas of content.

For starters, one of the most significant pieces of this update is one that should raise the eyebrows of any ASTA or perspective ASTA PVP players. This is, the addition of a new battleground map known as “Dreamland”, including a mode of switching between attackers and defenders to obtain the Sword of Prophecy.

While PVP players do get this significant piece of content, those playing primarily PVE are certainly not left behind, in fact getting the majority of the new update.

PVE players can look forward to the incorporation of a new world boss, whom you will find west of Wado, as well as a new difficulty setting for raids in Mountain of Trials. This new difficulty will make for extra combat mechanics, including revival only being achievable through healers, as well as offer new item drops, and gear to match. As well, from the 19th to the 26th of July, players will be able to use an extra attempt on whatever is considered the “raid of the day”. This ability will cycle between all of the raids throughout this time.

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