It’s going to be an exciting fall for Battlerite. The game, currently in paid Early Access, will finally become the free-to-play game that it was always intended to be on November 8th. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Stunlock Studios is calling this string of updates a “New Era” for Battlerite, which will span from September all the way through to December.

September is a bit on the light side, call it a calm before the storm, but do expect a free-to-play week from September 25th until October 10th (that’s more like a free-to-play fortnight, but who’s counting).

In October, prepare yourself for the month-long Halloween event, as well as an overhaul to the Battlerites system as well as version 2.0 of the UI.

There’s also a new game mode coming, but that’s yet to be announced. The stuff coming in November and December have a lot to be revealed, but do expect new champions, as well as 200 new items. There will also be events to coincide with each month.

But you can check out what’s coming in the New Era on the official site.


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