Hearthstone has been one of if not the most popular free to play games available to this day. Hearthstone is Blizzard’s very own free to play collectible card game (CCG). The game is largely credited as the inspiration for a renaissance in the scape of online card games, something that is hard to deny in the face of so many new additions to the online card game market.

Hearthstone returns to prominent news, this time for revealing it’s third Adventure release, One Night in Karazhan. This adventure will be themed as a huge party-like environment, with many 70’s callbacks. Just like the other adventures released for the game, this will feature PVE content, with four wings to conquer. As well, this adventure will continue adding new cards like Ivory Knight, The Curator, Barnes, Ethereal Peddler, Firelands Portal, and Enchanted Raven, as well as 39 others. You can purchase the wings for free by accruing gold, unlocking a wing per every 700 gold you have. You also have the option of paying if grinding it out is a headache, at $6.99 per wing. This is something Blizzard weaves into the free to play game masterfully.

One Night in Karazhan’s wings will be the Parlor, Opera, Menagerie, and Spire. Be prepared for one crazy night of partying, fighting, and spoils of victory (If you should be so lucky.)

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