The 3rd CBT for Revelation Online comes in but two short days, on January 19th, and runs all the way until February 2nd, and in preparation for the glorious, 2-week event, has outlined some of the PvP content you can expect to find in the beta version of the game.

The merchant system in the game allows players to set up a shop with a cart in order to sell loot, but be warned, other players can ransack your sack.

Guilds can also vie for control of a pirate island filled with treasure.

And no MMORPG with PvP would be complete without an arena. In this case, it’s a 3v3 ranked one.

Revelation Online’s Death Match allows you to 1v1 other players for bragging rights and cosmetics.

Lastly, there’s faction war, which allows you to choose a side in a war between the Ursids and Wingars.  The territory war allows guilds to fight for control of a 9-region area.

You can read all about this and more over here.

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