Runescape has been a staple free to play MMORPG for a very long time, with its beginnings as a 2001 release date. It has ran the gambit of free to play content, and has come out as one of the top few every time. Runescape is still adding notable content in 2016, and recent news is no different.

In October, the game will be receiving a huge update including the Eastern Isles. For now, however, A new area in the game known as The Arc has gone live, featuring a few of these isles. This new area marks the beginnings for a huge tail end of 2016 for Runescape and Jagex (its developer.) The game will have several huge content pieces added in the coming months, with many likely revealed at London’s RuneFest in mid September.

This new content features a big moment for the series, as this new content area has no news of the players achievements in the previous Runescape content. You’ll have to work your way right back up the ladder, in a brand new area, with brand new stories and intrigue. If you are left with any questions about the upcoming content, be sure to pay attention to Runefest itself, especially the developer Q and A set up for the event.

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