SWTOR, (or Star Wars the Old Republic), has gone a long way since its launch. The game started at an astounding 1.3 million subscriptions, a stat to boast for any MMO. Afterward, it suffered multiple dips in subscribers, prompting Bioware to implement a free to play model. Since, the game has continued to grow to very healthy numbers, and through many expansions has picked up plenty of new content since its early days. Recent news shows no change to this, in fact, even offering a new SWTOR expansion.

At Star Wars Celebration Europe this year, it has been announced by James Ohlen himself (the director of design for SWTOR) that the next expansion will be…

Knights of the Eternal Throne! This new SWTOR expansion is set to come Fall of 2016.

Little information is available in ways of this new expansion’s content, but many awesome possibilities lie in wait, in name, Star Wars fans will be brought back to the Empire of Zakuul (more importantly known as the “Eternal Empire”). While there are obviously many other possibilities, this very well could be a strong contender moving forward.

Knights of the Eternal Throne will be the games sixth piece of expansion content, all since 2013, showing Bioware’s dedication to their thriving Star Wars MMO. If you were one of the many that stopped playing early on, come back and give the free to play model a try. With such a budding and healthy community, boasting numbers like 87 million characters created, it just might draw you back.

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