Wildstar, despite turning free to play in 2015, continues with a solid and dedicated fanbase. That fanbase still receives regular and significant content updates and releases. This new Wildstar update is no exception.

This new content update includes the previously promised race and class combinations of Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer. These new combinations can be purchased either with cash at ~$12.50, or with the in-game value of 495 omnibots. This allows for players who want their combinations immediately to spend for the perk, all while supporting the game. For those sternly looking to stay free to play, the option still exists to gather up over some time, or dip into their omnibot savings if they have them.

While the current system Wildstar has for purchasing the content with cash is annoying (only allowing a $15 amount as opposed to the costs $12.50), this new Wildstar update still marks a day and piece of content the community should rejoice over. The freedom to swing incredibly large swords with your incredibly small Chua body, and the ability to handle large tech as an Aurin will likely draw a lot of purchases even out of curiosity. Expect to see plenty of each heading into Wildstar in the near future, and don’t be afraid to join in if you’re a fan of the series, it only helps the developers.

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