Recently rumors began to circulate that Nexon chairman, Jung-ju Kim, was looking into selling off the company, and he had approached none other than the might mouse itself, Disney, which – to be honest – is a bit weird.

Disney has really only ever wiggled its toes in the waters of the gaming industry. Most recently with the “Hey, toys!” initiative of Disney Infinity, and that story ended quietly with little bang. So it’s no surprise that when Jung-ju Kim approached the company, their response was “Thanks but no thanks.”

Of course, if Disney was at all interested in wetting their toes once again, maybe Nexon wouldn’t be such a bad purchase, but with all the money Disney has, you’d imagine they’d set their sights a little higher, maybe by saying, “Move over, Vivendi, Ubisoft is ours.” As if Yves Guillemot needed any more stress in his life after that little experience one likes to call “hostile takeover.”

Still, if Nexon is on the table, then I wonder who might bite. NC Soft comes to mind – mostly because I’ve gotten those two companies confused in the past. And they could call themselves NCexon Soft. has the full scoop.

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