Nexon has a new game in the works, one with some pretty impressive talent behind it. The company announced today that it was partnering with First Strike Games to publish their new project.

But who is First Strike Games? The new developer was founded by some of the key talent behind Halo 5 and will be focused on multiplayer shenanigans. We don’t know much about the Nexon-published game other than that. Free-to-play is likely, but not necessarily 100% given. Another Nexon-published game, LawBreakers, began its life as free-to-play, but switched gears halfway through development. Perhaps First Strike’s game will follow a similar pattern, or maybe they’ll lean in one direction right off the bat. A job listing on the official site makes mention of monetization, so you’ll be buying stuff one way or another.

We do know that the game will be multiplayer focused, and an FPS seems like a given, but maybe First Strike will venture way and try something new with this project. Who knows?

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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