let it slip quietly this weekend that Obsidian Entertainment would no longer be involved with the development  of Armored Warfare and that from here on out, would handle the further development.

But what would an announcement like this be without its very own insider? Enter Gatortribe on reddit. He’s been a design consultant for as long as the game’s been in alpha, and boy does he have a story to tell. He says everyone’s to blame for how things have gone down with Armored Warfare, but the leading factor was Mail.RU’s and Obsidian’s clashing visions for the game. Originally, Obsidian had some lofty aspirations, but Mail.RU simply wanted a World of Tanks clone, and since they were paying the bill, they got what they wanted.

Certainly, this can’t bode well for Armored Warfare, no matter how you spin it. I know the game was only on many’s radar thanks to Obsidian’s involvement, and now that they’re out of the picture, whatever remaining interest there is in the game will surely dwindle.

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