It’s fair to say that the first couple Orcs Must Die! games, though not free-to-play, were both fairly successful. For the 3rd game, OMD! Unchained, Robot Entertainment decided to try something different – an online competitive version of the game. When that didn’t really work, they tore that game mode out and went back to what made the first two games successful. By all accounts, OMD! Unchained ended up being a good iteration on the formula.

Even still, an online game isn’t cheap to maintain, especially if nobody’s playing it. Such was the case for OMD! Unchained, and this week, Robot Entertainment announced that the game would be ceasing operations come Monday, April 8th, 2019.

The same goes for two other games that the developer publishers, Hero Academy 1 & 2.

Read the full announcement from Robot Entertainment.

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