Update 1.6 for Orcs Must Die! Unchained does what few games (or developers) are willing to do. It admits that a mistake was made and is doing something to fix it.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained tried something different by adding PvP to its successful formula of tower (and trap) defense. It never took off, and instead of simply abandoning the project, Robot Entertainment brought the game back to what made it successful in the first place and removed its PvP mode all together.

Three months ago, Robot announced that it had plans to remove the PvP mode after it missed the mark, and that day has finally come. All accounts have been refunded anything they spent on the game, with an additional 50% bonus.

Though siege mode has been removed, plenty of new content has been added in its stead, including 10 new battlegrounds. They’ve also added a prologue, a new weekly challenges system. The physics of traps, visual effects, and profile screen have all been updated.

Check out the patch notes for all of this and more.

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