Blizzard continues to bring Overwatch characters to Heroes of the Storm faster than they create them for Overwatch itself. If this keeps up, they’ll eventually run out of characters and have to go back to Warcraft ones.

D.Va is the latest to addition, and fortunately for her, she remembered to bring her mech with her. Not only that, wherever she calls her mech from is able to transcend dimensions and grant her one even in the nexus.

Much like her Overwatch version, the Hots D.Va is able to run around on foot once her Mech bites the dust and call in a new one once she’s earned it. As such, destroying D.Va’s mech doesn’t account for an entire kill, much like Murky, you’ll have to kill her baby D.Va for it to really stick.

She can still attack while moving and earn the ability to make her mech go nuclear when it’s damage. In Heroes of the Storm, though, that’s not even her ultimate. She gets to do that regardless. Her two ultimates in Heroes of the Storm are either a bunny hop in Mech form that slows and damage enemies. Her other ult is for when she’s been de-meched and allows her to fire off a wide burst from her tiny gun, which grants her even more juice to recall her mech sooner.

Check out her full profile on the HOTS site.

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