Hi-Rez, developers of Paladins (as well as Smite) have entered the Battle Royale arena with their own take on the game mode, Realm Royale, which is set in the same universe as Paladins.

You know what to expect from here. 100 players drop onto the map, in groups of 4. Then the last team standing wins.

From there, Realm Royale tries to set itself apart with mounts for traversal, as well as 5 distinct classes (Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Hunter, or Engineer). Each brings their own unique flavor to the battlefield. Hunters shoot bows, mages throw fireballs, and Engineers build defenses. And then they battle it out, royally.

The game is currently free-to-play via Steam Early Access, so it’s not done yet. Don’t be surprised if there are massive changes before the game’s completion.


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