Hi-Rez must have learned nothing from the recent EA kerfuffle and applied it to Paladins. Players lashed out quite hard against the paid progression found in Battlefront 2’s loot box system.

Now Paladins has done something similar, with an equally vitriolic response. Previously, Paladin’s card system worked simply. You’d get a card, and that would be that. Now, however, cards have a level system affixed to them. Everyone gets the base version of card, but in order to rank them up, you must find duplicates from the game’s crate system. Meaning that the more crates you open, the faster you’ll level up those abilities. Therein lies the problem. If you’re buying buttloads of boxes, you’re in essence buying power. You’re paying to win. Players are taking quite a bit of umbrage with this change, and the evidence is all over reddit.

You can read more about the update, dubbed Cards Unbound, on the Paladins site.

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