Hi-Rez’s free-to-play hero shooter, Paladins, has hit open beta, and like any good multiplayer game that wishes to see even a modicum of success, it’s also on Steam.


Aside from the new platform, the open beta also brings about a host of changes to Paladins. The UI has seen a revamp, there’s a new map, and the ability to mix and match skins to allow for greater customization. Hi-Rez also announced that they’re bringing up servers in the¬†Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Undoubtedly a good idea considering the kind of increased traffic that’s likely to happen thanks to being on Steam.

Also for those playing on Steam: anyone who plays five games as Paladin’s engineer class, Barik, receives a TF2 Engineer skin. Don’t forget about achievements, too, those are in.

The game’s now available on Steam, or if you’re a non-conformist, you can download it from the official site, too.


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