Hi-Rez’s latest endeavor, the hero-shooter Paladins, is now bound for China. To make this possible, the developer has once again teamed up with Tencent Holdings who coincidentally owns Riot Games (League of Legends). Hi-Rez and Tencent, though, have previously come together for SMITE to great effect. Let’s see if they can repeat that success.


The trailer above gives you an extended¬†taste of the game and its array of heroes, and it’s super-styled visuals.

To go along with the release, Tencent is also planning to host qualifiers to seek out the best Paladins team in China so that they may compete in the Hi-Rez Expo come January. They could potentially walk away from that tournament with a piece of the prize pool of 150,000 buckaroos.

To read more about the partnership, and the Hi-Rez Expo, head on over to the official Paladins site.

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