Paladin’s most recent patch is getting some Flak due to being unfriendly toward free-to-play players.  Worse yet, it’s nudging the game even closer to the dreaded pay-to-win label.

Patch 0.44 added two new things to Paladins: the essence currency and legendary cards, and in the process, they drastically reduced the amount of gold players could earn. Previously, if you opened a chest and found a duplicate, you would be rewarded you with gold so that you could buy new heroes, cosmetics, or chests themselves. Now, duplicates reward essence, and essence is used to craft Legendary Cards. As you can imagine, losing the gold gained from duplicates is quite the nerf to player income.

This created quite the backlash pretty much instantly, and Hi-Rez’s lead game designer was quick to get on reddit in an attempt to quell the rage. They’ll be reducing the amount of essence required for legendary cards (12,000 instead of 18,000), and increasing the amount of essence gained from duplicates to 250 (from 60). Hi-Rez will also be adding additional ways for players to earn gold.

The damage has been done, but at least Hi-Rez are quick to try and make players about (without all together reverting the additions), so I guess that’s something.

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