Path of Exile developer, Grinding Gear Games, has given us a gracious heads up about a potential security breach.

They put it as thus:

Late on Thursday, March 23rd (NZT), we became aware that there was an external intruder illegally connected to our office network and that the attacker had compromised several machines. We immediately severed all internet connectivity and began the process of reformatting all computers and rebuilding a new clean network with increased security measures in place.

They’re not sure if the intruder actually accessed anything important, or took any of that important information with them. Grinding Gear Games is still investigating the breach, but the intruder had access for just about ten days. Information that could’ve potentially been accessed includes email, heavily encrypted passwords, IP address, and a name/mailing address if you had physical goods shipped to you.

The passwords would have to be cracked individually, which could take weeks to years depending on the complexity (a good reminder not to use a password as simple as password). Any credit card info is stored separately and was not at risk.

Seems like there’s a good chance everything is hunky-dory, but you might want to change your password just in case. You can read the full announcement on the forums.

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