Grinding Gear Game’s had a big April Fool’s event, Path of Exile: Royale – which as you might imagine from the name is a Battle Royale version of the action RPG.

Needless to say, as in the case with everything Royale, Path of Exile: Royale went over quite well, boosting the game up to the top #13 most played games on Steam.

All that with roughly one work day, give or take. How Grinding Gear Games did it was that they gave everyone a task to do, and gave them all just one day to do it. Some of them pushed the limit on what one work day was, but in the end, they got it done.

Thanks to the game mode’s positive response, Grinding Gear Games is definitely bringing it back, most likely as a limited event, but there’s also the possibility it might return in a more permanent manner. It all comes down to how sustainable it is.

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