Path of Exile‘s June Update is inbound, due out in three weeks. Incursion will add a titular new league, new items, new gems, and a major overhaul to many iconic skills.

An ancient Vaal temple, Atzoatl, is at the heart of the update. The Incursion League will feature temporals rifts, taking players back in time to when the temple was still being built in an effort to learn its location.

With enough effort, you’ll discover the location of the temple, and then it’s time to go Jungle diving to pillage its contents.

Your efforts will also be changing the course of history. By killing certain NPC architects, they’ll never have created a certain room, changing the Vaal temple in the present. This can also have the effect of upgrading rooms for increased reward.

There are also 12 new skills, in addition to the aforementioned revamp to 20 older skills.

Check out full details on the update on the official site.

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