Path of Exile’s latest league, Blight, is due out in just over three days, but in the meantime, Grinding Gear Games took to the game’s forums to outline some of the design philosophies that are present in the upcoming patch, and it’s a long ‘un.

The basic gist is this, though: Weapons will now roll additional modifiers for damaging spells (no support love). And from there, virtually every facet of spell gems are receiving a buff, and melee is receiving a few adjustments as well.

Damage over time spells are also receiving a fair amount of changes, as well as Ailments. The bottom line is that they now do more damage, which will make it easier to DoT those enemies and AFK while they die. Minions are also receiving some adjustments to make them more viable and fun to use.

And after all the changes to mana and melee in 3.7.0, it’s no wonder that they’re tweaking more elements to those systems.

You can get a good overview of all that’s to come by visiting the post on the forums, but if cold hard numbers are what you’re after, then you’ll have to wait for the patch notes tomorrow.

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