With Path of Exile’s next major league, codenamed Blight, due out in just about a week, it’s no wonder that Grinding Gear Games have hit the forums to share some phat deets.

First up – expect a heap of new skill gems for the assassins in our midsts. There’s a new set of poison-based attacks so that you can stab your foe, and then walk away like a cool guy while they slowly expire. There’s also a new buff type, Elusive. Instead of having a ticking duration like most buffs, the effectiveness of Elusive gradually diminishes until it is gone. Head on over to the full forum post about assassins for more info.

The game’s Mine system is also receiving some love in the form of some major changes, some new mines, and reworks to mine mechanics. For starters, you can toss them now, allowing you to cast them from range. And detonation is always instant.

For a look at more changes as well as some new mines, head on over to the other forum post.

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