Path of Exile’s recent Synthesis patch updated all of the spellcasting skills in the game getting rebalanced to make them even more awesome, but if you’ve played the Action RPG, then you’ll probably have realized that the melee system in the game just isn’t quite up to par with other games.

Some may even call it “clunky.” Path of Exile’s strengths lie in its passive skill tree customization, sense of progression, and replayability, definitely not its fluid combat. That was one of the few things Diablo 3 had going for it.

Grinding Gear Games are set to try and improve this shortcoming come June. Patch 3.7.0 will be rebalancing all of the melee skills as well as redoing a lot of the animations. The goal, if all goes according to the plan, is for the game to feel less “clunky.” The developers will be experimenting with a lot of different changes and improvements over the next couple months to strike just the right balance.

You can read the full announcement on the forums.

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