For anyone feeling a bit betrayed by a certain mobile ARPG announced recently (apologies), then perhaps you can find some solace in Path of Exile. The game’s next big expansion (but probably not quite as big as that one expansion that added, what was it, 570 new acts to the game).

Betrayal adds a whole heap of the new content to the game, including something akin to a nemesis system, which was popularized by the not-so free-to-play game, Shadow of Mordor. There are new NPCs to hunt, and they will evolve as you kill their buddies.

Of course, there’s new assortment of gear, gems, and maps, as well. Like any good Path of Exile expansion. Also included in the expansion is the content from previous updates. Bestiary, Incursion, and Delve are now rolled into the base game. Previously, they were part of the leagues.

Check out the full patch overview for more.

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