In just over 16 days, on June 7th, Path of Exile will release its next big update, Legion. With it will come the big melee revamp/rebalance/re-do-over-thing that they’ve been hinting at over the last few months.

Of course, there will be other stuff in the update, like monoliths that offer up new monster encounters, and a timeless conflict that seems right at home in the present. Plus, you know, items and gems and all that jazz. There will also be fresh new builds to try out, and an early game monster rebalance that promises to make attacks easier to avoid.

But of course, the melee revamp is where it’s at. Melee skills have been improved. Movement skills have been improved (and made more readily available to all classes). And many of the melee animations have been spruced up a bit.

Head on over to the hub site for trailers, and pictures, and more.

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