To celebrate its own 8th birthday (it’s conceited like that) Perfect World is hosting over a month of events, giveaways, and prizes.

They’re getting the party started with something they like to call a bartering event, a way in which for players to unload unwanted items and receive goodies in return.

The blog post expands on that:

Here’s how this will work:

Each week we will create forum threads listing an item up for barter. We will also list an opening barter item.
Players who have this item, or an item of equal or more value may put that item up for barter. This includes items that are bound to your character. Once an initial bid has been made, you may attempt to beat that bid by offering up better or more items up to barter. Keep going until we close bids for that item. Have the best bid and you win the Barter. Please note… Only bid items you are willing to part with, as we will be removing those items from your character (both bound and unbound) when we give you your bartered item.

Basically, they’re setting up a trade-a-palooza. I suppose the quality of the event will be directly tied to the items put up for barter. The event started yesterday, and runs until October 3rd.

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