Well, that was short-lived. Not even one year after its initial reveal, and six months after entering Early Acces, Cloud Pirates is closing shop.

My.com announced today that the game servers would wind down on September 29th. But at the very least, the next month for players would be a fun one! You’ll be able to progress 50% faster, buy everything (since everything is one gold or one ruby), and all Steam DLC will be free.

Players also have the choice of two refund options. Anything purchased after July 12th can receive a full refund. And any leftover rubies you have can be converted into a currency for other My.com games.

That table looks something like this:

  • Skyforge (PC, PS4): 1 Ruby = 7.72 Argents (+25% Value Conversion Bonus)
  • Armored Warfare (PC): 1 Ruby = 1.84 Gold (+25% Value Conversion Bonus)
  • Revelation Online (PC): 1 Ruby = 0.75 Aurum (+50% Value Conversion Bonus)

Feel free to contact support for any refund requests, but bear in mind that any purchases made through Steam (either for rubies or DLC) will typically have to go through Steam support and the horrors that entail.

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