Blizzard is hosting an in-game sweepstakes for Hearthstone.

The basic gist is this: For each daily quest you complete between Feb 1st and Feb 14th, you’ll receive 1 entry (with a max of 14) to win 3,000 card packs, 1000 from each of the three most recent expansions.

And that’s only the grand prize, which also includes your very own Lich King Helm, a Hearthstone t-shirt, cap, and pin. 1,000 other players will receive 10 card packs from each expansion, and a whopping 50,000 players will receive 1 card pack from those three expansions.

There’s also a special bundle currently available. The mammoth bundle offers 30 packs (10 from each of the three most recent expansions) for $19.99.

To read more about all this, head on over to the official site.

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