Shooter/MOBA hybrid, Gigantic, has had a wayward life. Microsoft decided they no longer wanted, so Perfect World picked up it. Still it pushed on, and push on it continues to do… right into beta this weekend.

It’s a closed beta, but if you previously had access to Gigantic at any point during it’s tumultuous life, then you’ll be good to go, and if you’ve not yet been selected to participate in anything Gigantic-related, then you can still sign up and hope for the best. Beta participants will have access to eight of the game’s heroes. Four that are set, and four that will unlock randomly for each player to help keep matches interesting. Oh, and there’s no NDA, so feel free to share as much Gigantic as you can stomach.

Developer Motiga will themselves be streaming as well on their official Twitch channel, and you can find out more about Gigantic, and the beta, at the official site.

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