Gigantic’s next – wait for it – gigantic update (dubbed Eternal Dawn) arrives on February 23rd on both Windows 10 and Xbox One. That will bring with it a brand new hero, and the new Leaderboard feature to track who’s leading among the community.

Zandora – and her impending lance – will be boosting allies with her (and herself) with snazzy auras, and the leaderboards will do what leaderboards and wont to do. On the cosmetic side, Zandora will have a couple skins, and there will be a bunch of “Eternal Dawn” weapon skins.

But wait, there’s more. February 23rd marks only the first phase of the Eternal Dawn content plan. Further on to March, developer Motiga has plans to continue dishing out updates all month. You can read Eternal Dawn, and the March updates, right over here.

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