About 2 years since it released on the PS4, Let It Die is due out on Steam this fall. GungHo Online Entertainment, and developer Grasshopper Manufacture, will be showing of the game running on PCs in just a few weeks at PAX West, from September 1st to the 3rd, in Seattle.

The rogue-like (or lite, or maybe even lit) features lots of death and leveling up in a hack ‘n slash environment. If you die, you can live again, but your character becomes an NPC that will attack other players in an asynchronous multiplayer setting. Meaning, you feel the presence of players in the world, but you won’t necessarily see any of them directly, or interact with them.

It was fairly popular back when it launched, garnering over 4 million downloads (although who knows how many of those 4 million downloads launched the game for more than 30 seconds.) Still, the popularity led the game to receive plenty of updates during its lifetime, and it seems quite likely that the Steam version will receive a similar treatment.

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