Epic is dumping a small portion of the crazy amounts of money they’ve made with Fortnite Battle Royale back into the game’s competitive scene, $100 million to be exact. Of course, don’t expect to get all that money yourself. (And to be honest, don’t expect to get any of it, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try!)

The tournaments are split between open qualifiers and the finals. Anyone who’s 13 or older, and has an account in good standing, can participate. Each qualifier will have a one million prize pool to split between the winners. The finals will require you to be among either the top 100 solo players, or the top 50 duo team. The finals will run in July, with a 30 million prize pool. Anyone who participates gets at least 50k, and the solo champion will get a cool 3 mil.

For more on the tournament scene, check out the official post.

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